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34 Main Rd. | Riverhead, NY
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Welcome to Scotty's D & E Tire Service

"Thank you for your business."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our exceptional customers for the last 21 years. Like with everything it takes a wise man to know when something good has run its course and to exit on your own terms. Over the last 5 or 6 years there has been a drastic shift in how business is done and that increasingly makes it tough for "Mom and Pop" Shops to thrive as we now have to compete with both the internet and now even our very own suppliers even tire manufacturers trying to sell not through their distributors but to the public directly but trying to use us as a conduit to do the labor at below rates while they make far more for the tire than you would actually get charged at the shop to begin with. That being said we have decided to close our doors. If you are looking for tires come see us for deals on what is left on our shelves. Also we are selling all out equipment and fixtures as well. That being said., thank you for making the last 21 years great and making us the Biggest Little Tire Shop in Riverhead."

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Scotty's D & E Tire Service

Scotty's D & E Tire Service is a pillar of the Riverhead, NY community. Scotty's D & E Tire Service is a leader in offering name brand tires and wheels for customers located in and around the Riverhead, New York area. Our goal is to focus on customer service. It is the foundation of our business. Scotty's D & E Tire Service employs a well-trained staff specializing in the sale and installation of passenger car, performance and light truck or SUV tires. Custom wheels are available at Scotty's D & E Tire Service. Special wheels and rims complement any tire or customer vehicle. Take this opportunity to browse Scotty's D & E Tire Service website or call us for personalized service.

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